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The Tamilnadu State Chemists & Druggists Association, popularly known as TNCDA throughout India, is one of the senior associations of the medicine trade. The origin dates back to 1966. Very eminent personalities have been the torch bearers of this association. It has provided able and efficient office bearers to the All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists. It is one of the most respected associates of the All India body.

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A short resume of various important events that took place in the recent past of TNCDA are given here:

The Executive Committee meeting, BGM and Special GB Meetings held in Chennai on 16 & 17th of November 2005.
Though the conduct of the BGM of AIOCD is undertaken by the various states of the country as a routine, this time, the elections to the office-bearers of the All India body, proposed changes in the constitution and some organizational matters made this meeting very important and significant. Hence elaborate arrangements were made for receiving the delegates from all states of the country,their stay in comfortable hotels, their transport to the venue, hospitality, sight seeing tours etc. etc., All the office-bearers of Tamilnadu state and district associations joined together and made the event a grand success. Appreciation letters from practically all the states, in addition to the All India body came pouring expressing their great admiration for the success of the meetings. This Special GB meeting gains historical importance because, in this meeting the term of office-bearers of AIOCD was enhanced to 3 years from the previous 2 years.

Formation of TNCDA LTD:

When Government of India announced liberalization of Industrial policy, it became clear that our retail members will be facing tough and challenging competition from foreign chain stores in addition to internal chain stores. So, our All India Association consulted the best brains in the business world and decided to start a distribution system by itself comprising of only our members. Stalwarts in distribution, sales, marketing and accounting were involved in drawing the programme. A separate company AIOCD LTD, in the corporate sector managed by experts in the field was floated and duly registered in Maharashtra. This was approved by the executive committee of AIOCD on 17.12.2006.

All State associations were directed to form such companies in their respective states with the specific approval of their state and district executive committees. The special general body meeting of TNCDA held at Nagercoil on 17.3.2007 discussed the formation fully and approved the action. On 23.8.2007, our trading company was registered at Chennai with the Name Tamilnadu Chemists and allied distributors alliance Limited, adopting all formalities of the companies act.

A committee of 11 members named as Resource Committee was specially formed to educate our office-bearers and the members about the Corporate set up, its necessity, infrastructure, Capabilities, benefits and future possibilities for improvements. These people were given special training in the corporate set up by very good financial advisers and accountants as to how the company could be formed and successfully run. These members have gone to the various districts with all propaganda materials and C.D’s and explained to our members all details of the Company.

Subsequently many meetings of the directors of the company were held and rules were framed. Share application forms were distributed to the district associations requesting them to collect share amounts from our members in the district. Once the company starts functioning in full swing, many problems faced by the wholesale and retail chemists will vanish and they could peacefully carry on their business.