Objectives of the Association

To serve as a local point and platform wherein the members of the Chemists and Druggists Trade in Tamilnadu will meet together and pool together and exchange their knowledge and devise ways and means of broadening their knowledge of the Trade with a view to resolve their common or mutual or individual problems by collective endeavour and by involving the instrumentalities furnished by the Association.

To serve as a unified and common mouth piece of the Chemists & Druggists Trade in Tamilnadu in General and serve as a representative body to meet the Government and other public authorities from time to time and focus the attention of all or any such authorities on the problems and programmes of the Trade and members with a view to help the members of the Association.
To collect, distribute, publish and otherwise disseminate and make available to the members of the Trade and also members of the public information, data, literature, books, booklets, records and information in whatever manner known to science which are of use, interest and importance to the Trade and the members and the public and to maintain library and / or fund for the said purpose.

To take all necessary steps to secure the betterment and improvement of the economic and legal condition of the Chemists & Druggists Trade in Tamilnadu, either by itself or in conjuction with like-minded bodies in the State and consider the measures affecting such Trade from time to time and to take necessary and suitable steps to that the vital interests of the trade are not in any way affected adversely.