Aim and Objects

To settle disputes or controversies among members of the association and to assist members in settling disputes with the manufacturers and represent members in disputes before conciliation officers or any other authority. To seek legal remedy on any problem of


Objectives of the Association

To serve as a local point and platform wherein the members of the Chemists and Druggists Trade in Tamilnadu will meet together and pool together and exchange their knowledge and devise ways and means of broadening their knowledge of the



The Tamilnadu Chemists & Druggists Association (TNCDA), is a representative body of nearly 30,000 members engaged in pharmaceuticals retail and wholesale trade. The TNCDA is affiliated to the All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists (Regd) (AIOCD), looking to it

Welcome to Chemists & Druggists

31-7-1966 was a red lettered day in the annals of the people in the Chemists & Druggists trade in the State of TamilNadu. On 31-7-1966 at the State Conference held at Abbotsbury, Madras, the TamilNadu Chemists & Druggists Association was born as one platform and one voice representing the entire fraternity of the Chemists & Druggists all over the State.

The birth of State Association meant the entire body of Chemists & Druggists in the State coming under one umbrella, all the districts in the State emerging as one unit on one platform and speaking in one voice, and as a consequence, strongly and effectively.

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